Revised: Reopening Gateway Portal Now Live

To protect you, your loved ones and the peopole of the british virgin islands, the following protocols have been put into place, subject to change and updates. if you are visiting the BVI, here's the latest rules as published by the BVI Government on 10th november 2020.



A certified RT-PCR COVID-19 negative test within five days prior to arival if you are travellin gfrom a low risk country; or within three days prior if from a medium or high risk country.



You will need to bring proof of Travel insurance taht covers COVID-19 matters.



A test on your arrival in the BVI which is negative allows controlled movement withinthe confines of your Villa.



Download the BVI's custom Track and Trace app upon arrival and wear the tracker bracelet you will be given.



A test after 4 complete days of quarantine which, if negative, allows movemnt within the Territory.



If you test positive before arrival you will not be allowed to enter the BVI.



A positive test at any stage upon arrival will require fourteen (14) day quarantine.



The cost to you for the test upon arrival, the test after Day 4, the app and the bracelet will be $ 175.00

Revised: Reopening Gateway Portal Now Live